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About Us

We are a community of believers at Shippensburg University who are committed to:

Engaging the Campus:

We love Shippensburg University and desire to make a visible difference in the quality of student life. We seek to find ways to serve and improve the campus community. We also provide “Investigative Bible Discussions” for anyone interested in learning more about Jesus Christ. We welcome the questions, objections, and struggles of people honestly searching for the truth. We are committed to responding with honesty and compassion rather than hostility and condescension. Skeptics, seekers, and the curious are all welcome.

Exploring the Bible:

In the Bible we learn about the beauty of God’s character, the life-changing power of His promises, the freedom of forgiveness, and the adventure of living in relationship with Him. We exist to assist people interested in learning more about the essence of Christianity, which is not found in morality or philosophy but in the story of the historical person, Jesus Christ.

Experiencing Redemptive Relationships:

If you’re looking for the perfect group to get involved with on campus, don’t come to us! But if you want to experience how the gospel of Jesus Christ can heal relationships, spur people toward authentic community, provide ample opportunities to practice forgiveness, and restore broken people, then we are the group for you. Our desire is to be a people increasingly characterized by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Captivating the Heart:

Everyone is captivated by something, whether it is approval, success, or intimacy. We believe those various “captivations” will leave us restless until the one we were made for - God - captivates us. We were designed to find our fulfillment, rest, meaning, and value in the person of God himself. Christianity is about a paradigm shift to a new central captivation with the beauty of Jesus Christ.

About DiscipleMakers

Shippensburg DCF is affiliated with DiscipleMakers, a Pennsylvania-based Christian mission organization ministering to college students.

DiscipleMakers seeks to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ on college campuses through Biblically based training in evangelism and discipleship.

To learn more about DiscipleMakers, please visit